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Bearing correspondence
Hand-engraved walnut on MDF, steel, notebook

Semi-Permanent Sculpture Garden of the Side Yard

What does it mean to be without (zonder in Dutch); what is absence or what does absence mean? Orientation starts nowhere. As with Edmund Husserl, the world unfolds at our own metaphorical table. Onwards pieces extend into and form our realities while we move and look around. Further. Our bodies traverse space, but how far does our presence reach. Through images, notes and drawings you sent, I imagine myself all the way to where you are. Through each horizon I face, my mind becomes a path to your body. Correspondence feeds off of absence. So does the deepest love. The dying Protea on the kitchen table, becoming thinner and colorless, still looks beautiful. How can we stay in touch without touch?

Bearing correspondence invites anyone to sit at this table and write into absence, into a void. What- or wherever that means to you. The accumulated writing, if you permit, will be collected in a publication and published by Close Distance. There are no guidelines. You can write anonymously if preferred and indicate whether or not you would like for your writing to be included in the publication. Alternatively, you can also leave your email address and I will reach out to confirm your contribution. Each participant will receive a publication once the project is completed.

For questions regarding the publication feel free to contact:

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